-How much time in advance must I book?

If you are booking in high season, the earlier the better. A few weeks in advance will probably guarantee your spot, or at least give you time to switch to a different day if the day you selected first is already booked. We ask that you book no later than 72 hours in advance.

 How do you get to Pacific Journeys?



You can find us in Waze or Google Maps as Pacific Journeys 

We are also happy to pick you up at the entrance to the road to Las Tumbas (right off the paved road in San Cristóbal or Tinamastes). Just let us know which bus your taking and we will meet you there. If you are on an earlier bus, we suggest getting off at the big white church in San Cristóbal/Tinamastes and having breakfast at Soda La Peña (we can pick you up there if that's the case). 


Is there a storage place to keep safe extra luggage while doing the tour?

Yes, you can store your extra luggage in our operational base house, no charge.

-What is recommended that we bring?

    Proper hiking shoes, hiking boots, tevas or trainers
    Sandals- flip flops while you are in the cave (overnight tours)
    Insect repellent 
    Quick-dry clothing
    Bathing Suit
    Towel
    Sweater and pants (for overnight tours)
    Change of Clothes 
    Water Bottle
    Backpack
    Rain jacket
    Flashlight or headlamp (for overnight tours)

    Camera (optional, but recommended!)
    Toiletries  and a
ny other personal gear you feel you may need 

-What are the sleeping facilities ? Do we have to bring something to sleep with?

The Diamante cavern sleeping platforms are in a open air cavern. For our overnight tours we include a sleeping bag, sheet, pillow, pillow case and sleeping pad. 


-What kind of meals are offered?

All of our meals are vegetarian. If  you have a special diet/allergy, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. 


-Can we pay with a card?

Yes, we accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express


-How long is the walk? in time and km?

The hike to Diamante Falls is broken up differently depending on the tour package you select. Diamante garden, which marks the end up the intense uphill section to the cavern, takes approximately one hour to get to, in distance, 1 mile. The entire Diamante hike, roundtrip, is approximately 4 miles.


- Are there toilets and showers in the cave?

Diamante cavern is equipped with flushing toilets and showers. 


-What it is the recommended minimum age for children?

Children are considered on a case by case basis, with emphasis placed on the estimation of the parent. Rappelling options are restricted by the ability of the child (or adult) to fit a harness. Generally children less than 6 years old are too small. 


- Can we bring liquor?

Liquor and recreational drugs are not permitted at our facilities.


- What are the right shoes?

We recommend closed hiking shoes for hiking, preferably shoes that have been "worn in" a bit. For rappelling we recommend something with good traction that can get wet, such as sandals or aqua-socks. Sandals must be secured at the heel. For overnight trips bring also some comfortable shoes such as flip-flops for use in the cave.


-When are the best months to go?

Water volume and vegetation are strongest in the rainy season, from April to the beginning of November. The dry season offers the driest, more relaxed time in the rivers and forest.


-What temperature do we sleep in?

Temperatures at night are generally in the 70s Fahrenheit in the cave.


-Is the water in the cave potable?

  Yes. The water at Diamante is fresh from a natural spring. A blessing to drink!


- Are mosquito nets needed?

Mosquito nets are not needed.


- What is the space capacity of the cavern?

The Diamante cavern can comfortably fit up to 40 people.